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[90] TotA Icons
James ▼ Well this fucking sucks
Tales of the Abyss 90

all from episodes 3 & 11Collapse )

+ Icon Post [123 Misc.] +
Remus ▼ Alert
Wow! It's been awhile. I can't guarantee frequent icon updates but I AM back at Livejournal now so I'll do my best :) And what better way to celebrate than an icon post?

Yu-gi-oh! 30 fanart
Yu-gi-oh! 1 anime
Tales of the Abyss 35 fanart
Tales of the Abyss 57 anime

and onto the icons; mostly kaiba and jade...Collapse )

James ▼ Well this fucking sucks
[40] Axis Powers Hetalia: Paint it White!

lalala I haven't actually seen this yet but anyway....Collapse )

Xabi ▼ judgin' you
[57] Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
[46] Fruits Basket
[39] Hetalia

more PoA icons to come later...Collapse )

Mustang ▼ Blinded
Happy New Year! Small post for now, since I want to see what you all think~ Icons of real people have never been my strong point, but I hope you all enjoy!

[56] Misc. Harry Potter (Films + A Very Potter Sequel + Etc)

this is mostly me trying out more interesting crops...Collapse )

~~~Special~~~ Icon Post
James ▼ Well this fucking sucks
I was requested by a friend to icon some screenshots from a lovely doujin/sim game. Fandom is Hetalia, and is Spain-pairing centric. However, being the kind of game it is, the icons in this post are R-18. There is some fluff, but not everything there's sex on a piano!. Also potentially triggery stuff; suggested non-con. And I say again,


if I haven't scared you off yet, here are the iconsCollapse )

This is likely the porniest icon post you'll see from me, so please bear with me for this one post if its not your cup of tea and if it is your cup of tea, enjoy it for the time being ;)

America Coloring + 9 Icons
James ▼ Well this fucking sucks

such a bad mouth America....Collapse )

James ▼ Well this fucking sucks
fffff I am working on the picspam icons I promise OTL Chem has been kicking my ass and graphics time has been spent on colors_tcg stuff so /)w(\ sorry about this...

But have some Hetalia icons 8D

Axis Powers Hetalia 32

oh god England why are you so fabulousCollapse )

James ▼ Well this fucking sucks
The picspam icons are coming along, but I wanted to post these first. (Feel free to still offer images you'd like to see iconned! here)

But anyway, a small Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep icon post. I tried to take into account some critique from the recent icon crit meme, so there's a bit of experimentation in this post. (mostly textures/crops/sharpening wise) Please tell me what you think works and doesn't work! :)

Kingdom Hearts 21

no real spoilers unless you don't know what the characters look like or something :PCollapse )

Shitenhouji → Summer
Hello guys! I made a little more icons lol. I'll have more icons out of the spam post out soon. I just needed to post these before I forgot.

Spam Post pt. 1 12
Axis Powers Hetalia 05
Other 05

These changes ain't changing meCollapse )